Recent releases from Iron Lung Records

Hey wise guys, do you like your music a little bit intense? Then you’ll be digging this new batch from Iron Lung Records…

NASTI – Big Achievements LP w/download (LUNGS-079)

LUNGS-079+Front+SPBig Achievements is churning mix-tempo hardcore punk with badboy breakdowns and subtly sophisticated change ups that will leave you scratching your sweat makers. If you can’t skate and you can’t slam then you can at least wiggle your nuggets to the ratchet beat. Get into it. Don’t be shy. We love you. Shit yeah. We’ve been waiting for what seems like a century and the wait is well worth it. If this one doesn’t make the year end lists then punk is broken. 
150 copies on translucent orange and 350 copies on some other vinyl housed in a heavy duty pasteboard jacket with lyric sheet and a poster. Art by Riley Kerr. Sounds by Ian Crist. All made in the Pacific Northwest. A pure record. Eat it.

CØNDITIØN – Subjugated Fate 7″ w/download (LUNGS-097)

LUNGS-097_front_SPCØNDITIØN is back with a masterful stroke of devastation to follow up 2015’s Actual Hell. They say some things get better with age and in this case we couldn’t agree more. Subjugated Fate is an exploded blister on the rotten skin of humanity. And like that jingle that won’t stop playing in your head, a festering sore in the aural canal. Still big, still vicious and always pure American D-Beat. Accept nothing less. 
300 copies on radiation yellow vinyl with hand stamped labels housed in Jaybo art on a textured folder sleeve. Recorded in Lost Angeles by Mike Kriebel. Punk

FACELESS BURIAL – Grotesque Miscreation LP w/download (LUNGS-105)

LUNGS-105+front+SPComing from the underlands of scorched minds and poisonous everything, FACELESS BURIAL have arrived to ruin you with 34 minutes of blast-surging, malformed death metal mayhem. Hyper-menacing. Grinding. Dirty. Death. Members of Agents Of Abhorrence, White Walls and Internal Rot if you’re keeping score. 
666 copies on shrouded mystery colored vinyl housed in a heavy duty reverse board jacket adorned with art by Xavier Irvine. Recorded by Finn Keane, Xavier Irvine. Mastered by Mikey Young.

NASTI and CØNDITIØN tracks on the show 8.10.17.

Click on the Iron Lung logo to get where you need to go….


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New Pachinko release on Alternative Tentacles out now

PachinkoThat’s right, after 2 decades, Mad-City madmen PACHINKO have collected their bad vibes and weirdness and unleashed A NEW RECORD on unsuspecting audiences world-wide on Alternative Tentacles Records!

Not only is “State Your Grievances” their 1st record since 1999, JELLO BIAFRA calls it their best since their 1st Alternative Tentacles LP “Behind the Green Pachinko” from 1996!

After a ten year hiatus, Madison, Wisconsin’s PACHINKO is back with new music and live performances. Guaranteed to wipe that smug smile off your face, PACHINKO is making a racket with a ton of new songs by original members: Brian Brech, Greg Norman, Matt Quigle, and Mike “Magma” Henry. They are once again churning out more of the great messed-up head shakers they paraded around way back when.


Click on the A.T logo to get more info….

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The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 17.9.17

ok kids, get yourselves ready for another exciting instalment of The MrTum Radio Show with Mel Tum Read, 1-3 today on Hailsham FM.

This is your line up.. Leadfoot Tea – one man trash’n’roll, #satanslittlehelpers, #GAM, #AFCGT, #Eveningmeetings, #Lutzkrajenski, #jackcooper, #matiasaguayo, The Holydrug Couple, #cobraverde, John Petkovic, Andrew Wartts and GST (Gospel Story Tellers), #theloudfamily, #euma, Gang Starr, #hisatohiguchi, David Nesselhauf, #theterminals, #tenorsaw, The Staple Singers, Vanishing Twin, #UUUU, DENSELAND and Pigpens Pick of the Week from Color Horror.
As always big thanks to the labels.. Beluga Records, Dirty Knobby Industries, Agogo Records, Trouble In Mind Records, #crammeddiscs, #muscletonerecords, Numero Group, BYM Records, Alias Records, #rockstrata, Légère Recordings, Ba Da Bing! Records, VP Records, Soundway Records, Editions Mego, #arbitrary. . Pew, so you’ve got 3 hours to prepare yourself, but better still tune in now while our co-horts Gary Page and Neil Martin ease you in before us.


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The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 10.9.17

Ok, everyone ready?  The MrTum Radio Show is back today LIVE 1-3 on Hailsham FM. This week we have for you.. White Mystery, #ursulabogner, #spiritfest, Los Panky’s, #euphoria, The Meanies, The Gun Club and Jeffrey Lee Pierce, SAICOBAB, Thee Oh Sees, #tuckertheodore, Men & Volts, #leilagobi, Water Trash, Lord Youth, #LCN, Savage Grounds, R. Stevie Moore, White Poppy, The Ganjas, and Pigpens Track of the Week from Lucid Lynx vs Solar Temple. Big Shout to the labels who give us all the great stuff for the shows. The Psychedelic Cherry, #fantiche, #anumberofsmallthings, Munster Records, BANG! RECORDS, Thrill Jockey Records, Castle Face Records, Antiquated Future, FEEDING TUBE RECORDS, Clermont Music, Crafted Sounds, BB.Island, Enfant Terrible, Not Not Fun Records and BYM Records.  That’s it join us Mel Tum Read from 1-3 today via hailshamfm or the TuneIn.


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Coming soon on Thrill Jockey Records…SAICOBAB : SAB SE PURANI BAB

SAICOBAB bio - SAB SE PURANI BAB (3)SAICOBAB is the Japanese quartet of vocalist YoshimiO (Boredoms, OOIOO), Yoshida Daikiti (sitar), Akita Goldman (bass), and acclaimed in Japan Motoyuki “Hama” Hamamoto (percussion, gamelan). SAICOBAB masterfully blend traditional Indian music with melodies and unexpected rhythms using unorthodox instrumentation to create utterly distinct modern ragas. On their debut album SAB SE PURANI BAB, YoshimiO’s leaping, animated, effected vocal melodies dance fluidly through Daikiti’s intricate sitar patterns. The entrancing synergy of Goldman and Hama’s rhythmic pulse drives and shapes the aptly named SAICOBAB’s sound to one that is at once rooted in ancient tradition, and wholly new.

SAICOBAB’s intricate melody and rhythm of the sitar, double bass, voice, and riq (a middleeastern tambourine), are largely recorded live, but are also manipulated in subsequent editing to create bursts and distortions, such as the vocal scatterings of “AWAWAW” or the stuttering percussion of “One.” The artwork was created by longtime collaborator and artist Ooido Syoujou. Since YoshimiO and Daikiti formed SAICOBAB in 2001, the group has expanded beyond their initial improvisations and into an ensemble as formidable in talent as it is in originality. YoshimiO is clearly able to ignore the rules with ease and singular creativity, however she and Daikiti understand that in order to be able to ignore the rules, you need “to train yourself
to be aware of the most ancient rules of the universe.” SAICOBAB’s deep understanding of traditions enables them to transform ancient cultural practices into modern playgrounds of creativity.

Released October 20th 2017.

Playing “Bx Ax Bx” on the show on the 10th September.

Click on the logo to get where you need to go…  download

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The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 27.8.17

You know what all the cool kids do on sundays?….they listen to The MrTum Radio Show with Mel Tum Read.  Yes, that’s right, so you’d best join us today 1-3 on Hailsham FM for some of this.
MONO (Japan), BLAHA, Lali Puna, tomorrows tulips, Sites ‘n’ Sounds, CASUAL BURN, Gelbart, #groupmesk/ gudrun gut, Echolog, Yorishiro, #mjguider, #jenksmiller #rosecrossnc, #theupsetters, #henrykaiserband, Angry Samoans, mike watt, Spoon,#thescreamingbluemessiahs, Dead Kennedys, and Pigpens Track of the Week for Liz Phair.   As always big shout to the labels who make all this possible. Temporary Residence Ltd., Slovenly Recordings, Morr Music, BURGER RECORDS, Launching Gagarin Records and Management, Constellation Tatsu, Three Lobed Recordings, #recklessrecords and #triplex.
please join us by streaming from Hailsham FM or via the TuneIn.Bat out of hellsham

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The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 20.8.17

The day has come again where you lucky people can again tune in to us Mel Tum Read with the MrTum Radio Show LIVE today 1-3 on Hailsham FM. This week we have for you.. #haco, Shit and Shine, Grails, Zammuto, #fischerte, #theeptones, Dion Lunadon, Last Of The Easy Riders, #carltonmelton, #johhnycohenlovemachine, The Darts – US, #enderie, White Mystery, Ariel Pink, halfsour, #abstractgreens, #elmurki, Nameless Bastards, Black Saturn, JOHN 3:16 and Pigpens Track of the Week from #Bogusorder & Coldcut.
As always big thanks to the labels who kindly give us the stuff to play.. #someonegood, Editions Mego, Temporary Residence Ltd., Ninja Tune, Ahead of Our Time, Czaszka Records, Numero Group, AGITATED RECORDS, Thrill Jockey Records, Teen-Beat, Dirty Water Records, #aguidetosaints, The Psychedelic Cherry, Mexican Summer, Jigsaw Records, #loneheadrecords, Orange Milk Records, Alrealon Musique.
So 1-3 Hailsham FM or via TuneIn.Peace

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New Tucker Theodore album out on Antiquated Future Records

Hello Chums, Antiquated Future Records have a new release to tell you about…..

Tucker Theodore “Lady Hope”

a2751227354_16Next week (August 25th) we’re releasing Lady Hope, the latest from Olympia psych-folk artist Tucker Theodore (of such groups as Buffalo Voice and Midwife).

In 2013, we put out his solo debut, To Make the Sun Hurt. Since no one had heard of him and he was a recluse who didn’t play shows, we made 50 tapes and called it a day.

Those 50 somehow sold out instantly, and it’s gone on to be our best-selling digital album. Eventually, after receiving dozens of emails and inquiries about it, we were convinced to reprint the tapes. We couldn’t be more pleased that people have found it.

Lady Hope is an epic. An hour-long journey that’s in many ways an unlikely companion piece to To Make the Sun Hurt. It premieres this Monday, the 21st (the day of the eclipse) on our favorite UK music blog, Various Small Flames. I can’t imagine a better solar eclipse soundtrack than this wild album. In the meantime, you can listen to a couple tracks tracks on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. (And also preorder a tape, because they’re going fast!)


Playing a track on the show 10th September……click on the links…..

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The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 13.8.17

It’s sunday, you know what to do.. join us Mel Tum Read from 1-3 for 2 hours of stuff and nonsense and all of these and more. Surf Bored, Holy palms, minnoe, Nextwon, #blackdamp, Lord Youth, #janjelinek, 1115, #idyllswords, #foodman, #lofiscifi, #themichaelflowerband, #malalche, #lisandromezaysucombogigante, #benni, #joemcphee, #cococoma, #falsemoniker and Pigpens Track of the Week from the legendary and missed Glenn Campbell.   Big thanks to the labels too.  Three Lobed Recordings, Munster Records, Vampisoul, Goner Records, #roaratorio, #audiovisualatmosphrecs, Cruel Nature Records, Orange Milk Records, BB.Island, @#fantiche, #moorflow, Alien Transistor, #parasiterecords. So that’s it, 1-3 today via Hailsham FM or via the TuneIn. http://www.themrtumradioshow.comspace aliens

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The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 6.8.17

The MrTum Radio Show will not be televised, The MrTum Radio Show will be LIVE. Yes people join us, Mel Tum Read today 1-3pm Hailsham FM for this weeks instalment and to hear all of these. Sun City Girls, Adam Gunther,  Space Art, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Sonics, Astolfo Sulla Luna, Gravitsapa, #prariedogflesh, #happystraps, Matt Valentine, Yoko Ono, The Casual Sexists, Kai Whiston, Space Mountain, SLOKS, Bardo Pond and Pigpens Track of the Week from Dan Dolby Sea of Åland.  Shouts of thanks to all of these for the tracks, Brian Foote, play loud! productions, Because Music, A Recordings Ltd, Forced Exposure, Subliminal Sounds, tenzenmen, Time-Lag Records, Secretly Canadian, Feral Media, Big Dada, Dust Etc., Super Fan 99, Resurrection Records, Three Lobed Recordings, Join us 1-3 pm. http://www.themrtumradioshow.comRecycle

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