New from Slovenly Recordings…

A couple of swanky new releases from Slovenly Recordings of Reno to tell you about….

th-2666131331-780x792Slovenly imprint I Shit In The Milk Records presents the second single from Spain’s bastard nuns LAS MUNJITAS DEL FUZZ! A raving mad 60s punk workout slathered in lyrics you wouldn’t sing in front of your mother. Featuring three original members of Gijón legends Doctor Explosion, and limited to 666 copies on whitevinyl. ¡Dios bendiga esta moñiga! Out Now.



After years of clenching our fists and throwing tantrums like they were hand grenades, Greg Lowery of The Rip Offs, Supercharger and some other jerky combos finally granted us our wish and slapped us silly with this LP from his latest no-count crew CONTROL FREAKS. Be careful what you wish for, indeed! This is snot-caked Bay Area slime by abusive maniacs with the teen-beat on lockdown, and they will C.O.N.T.R.O.L. your last remaining brain cells! “Mindless Entertainment” got all the obnoxious pop you can handle: “Hollywood” is classic G-Lo retardation, and guitarist Natalie Sweet is making us itch sharing vocal doodies all over the album in her best Edith Bunker impression. Keep punk stupid, stupid! Out on LP/Cassette May 19th.

Playing Tracks from both releases on the show 14th May; click on the logo below to get where you need to go…slovenly


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Who’s Dat?

Allow ZZK Records to introduce you to Dat Garcia….

“Enter Dat García, one of the freshest and most captivating female artists out there right now. ZZK Records welcomes her to the family and invites you to listen to her 1st album, Maleducada (un- or poorly educated).

Maleducada is Dat’s way of expressing and exorcizing through song the bad emotional upbringing common among so many young people of her generation, the children of adults censored during the tough times of 1980s Argentina, when the military dictatorship silenced, oppressed and even murdered many of those dedicated to artistic or political expression.


Dat García grew up in Monte Grande, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, and from a young age she was involved in Argentine folklore music. In 2013, she immersed herself in digital music, opening up a world of tools for expressing her inner sounds, with the help of Pedro Canale aka Chancha Via Circuito. “You don’t need to make music in an adobe hut in the middle of the Pampas to feel that it’s folklore. There’s a ton of stuff we do with a weight of tradition behind it that we don’t see. And a lot of it comes from everyday life, from emotion, from the feeling of the people.”

If up until now the digital folklore scene was almost exclusively a men’s club, Dat Garcia comes in to flip the switch and change the paradigm and make sure women’s voices are heard, telling powerful, profound stories that welcome us to her world of folkfuturist sounds and aesthetics. ”

So there you have it, click on the ZZK logo to find out more about Dat Garcia and indeed ZZK. download-1

We are Playing “Aves” from the forthcoming album Maleducada on the show May 14th and the album is out now.

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30.4.17 Live Show

Ok, Sunday again, you know the drill. get yourself sorted, get the www onto Hailsham FM or the TuneIn app. 1-3 come and join us for the legendary MrTum Radio Show and youll get all of this and more. Chook Race, Steel Pole Bath Tub, Lungfish, Yo La Tengo, Alice Coltrane, Fugazi, the FleshEaters, Fred Wesley, Swell Maps and the Pigpens Pick of the Week from The New Tusk. Big thanks for the labels who helped. Da ! Heard It Records, Trouble In Mind Records, Subliminal Records, Forced Exposure, Bureau B, FEEDING TUBE RECORDS, Editions Mego, Dischord Records, Overground Records, Stones Throw Records. that’s it, 1-3, you wont regret it.

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Our chums at Cruel Nature Records have been busy putting together some new releases for your hungry ears to consume but you’d better be quick coz they’re limited releases and they’re going quick….

CN076: Lush Worker “Impervium / Reformer” limited edition tape + DL

a1323360674_2Solo project from Mike Vest (Blown Out, Bong, 11Paranoias, Lobster Priest, Drunk In Hell, Melting Hand, Haikai No Ku etc) featuring two albums recorded in early and late 2016, re-mastered and available on one cassette for the first time.  Across 9 tracks ‘Impervium’ and ‘Reformer’ are full of dark, echoing layers of fuzz and wah-wah which pass through the psychedelic barrier and into a territory of all of their own. Almost an hour of nightmarish soundscapes and reverberating riffs. Pro-dubbed black cassettes with full colour double-sided inlay.  Limited to 50 copies world-wide.
PRE-ORDER HERE: (ships out around 1 May)

CN075: Reptilians From Andromeda “Groove Overdrive” limited edition tape + DL

a2834954891_2RFA hail from Istanbul where they have quite a cult following.  Although labelled as garage-rock, their new 5 track EP “Groove Overdrive”, lends more to early 80s post-punk and New York no-wave.  Effortlessly cool, you can trace influences of Joy Division, Killing Joke, Lydia Lunch and early Sisters Of Mercy across the 5 tracks, which are topped off with sultry nonchalant female vocals.  The EP was also produced by Fran Ashcroft (Pretty Things, Lords Of Acid, Dandy Warhols).  Pro-dubbed on red cassettes with full colour double-sided inlay.  Limited to 45 copies world-wide.
Seek it here:

CN074: Prorrhesis “Forgotten Shorelines” limited edition tape + DL

a0350991300_2Here’s a new project from Rick Matthews, the man behind Skat Injector and Slime City Records.  But this is very different to his previous excursions. Sure it isn’t easy listening but if I was going to have to label it, I’d say it’s “experimental noise” – which is a really shit description for something as layered, complex and textured as this. “Rats Cradle” is the stand-out track, where a low-end minimal synth line pulses in the background as a behemoth of white noise looms into view, with snatches of ghostly vocals drifting in and out. This is the sort of stuff I’d encourage to be listened to with headphones, in a pitch black room, volume up high, to bring on those aural hallucinations. So scrap that earlier description, this is “trip-noise”. You heard it here first.  Pro-dubbed on black cassettes with full colour double-sided inlay.  Limited to 30 copies world-wide.
Reach out and touch faith:

CN073: $un $keletons “‪Get It Up Yours Trio (Vermin Supreme)” limited edition tape + DL

a3054401320_2More gold soundz tossed out by Thames Valley’s finest, who feature two noise-punx from Workin’ Man Noise Unit. This tape brings you the final installment of the “Get It Up Yers” recordings, laid down in the Spring of 2016; all under the gaze of that Goddess of Country, Shania Twain. Free-form skronk meets sun-baked hypno-psych drones, that leaves you gagging for more. And you won’t have to wait long, as they have been recording in Fairport Convention’s old gaff, Woodworm Studios, so look forward to hearing that soon. Limited to 50 copies world-wide. On pro-dubbed gold-glitter tapes with on-body print, in a pro-printed slipcase.
Get if forever and for always here:

You can find out more about all of the splendid sonic goodies available from Cruel Nature Records by clicking on the logo below:


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TRÄD, GRÄS OCH STENAR – Tack för Kaffet (Thanks for the Coffee)

th-2581264316-984x984The long-awaited new album from the legendary pioneers of transcendental psychedelic rock music and DIY culture in general, Träd, Gräs och Stenar.

Recorded live to tape in the band’s countryside workshop, Tack för Kaffet (Thanks for the Coffee) is a tribute to founding members Torbjörn Abelli and Thomas Mera Gartz, both of whom contributed to the album before their deaths in 2010 & 2012.

Seven mind-melting improvisations that travel beyond time and space and through the magical unknown, a manifestation of the timelessly organic music and free creation that has been a TGS hallmark since their formation in 1969.

Personnel: Bo Anders Persson, Torbjörn Abelli, Thomas Mera Gartz, Jakob Sjöholm, Sigge Krantz, and Reine Fiske (Dungen, The Amazing).

Available on 19th May from:toplogo_subliminalsounds_org

Exclusively distributed in North America through;


Playing  Pengar (Money) on the show on the 30th April

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Todays Live Show 23.4.17

Wow, its sunday again and you know what that means, yes you’re right, its The MrTum Radio Show Day! So this week we have all of this for you. Black Saturn, Kowloon Walled City, MORAL PANIC, 9353, The Limboos, Aguaturbia Band, The Dharma Violets, Husker Du (band), FRET, Reptilians From Andromeda, The Hecks Aras Focum, with Pigpens Pick of the week from our friend Dan Dolby..and so much more. Big thanks to the labels Brutal Panda Records, Slovenly Recordings, Conditional Records. Antiquated Future, Cruel Nature Records, Trouble In Mind Records, Awesome Tapes From Africa, 4mg Records, Murmure Intemporel Netlabel. So that’s your line up, join us 1-3 today on Hailsham FM.

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RUSALNAIA 2nd LP out in May

Folk duo Rusalnaia (England’s Sharron Kraus and Philadelphia’s Gillian Chadwick) follow their acclaimed self-titled debut with Time Takes Away.

“Time Takes Away shares elements with its predecessor in terms of song coverart_Rusalnaia_TimeTakesAway_May19construction, vocal overlay and general mystery action, but certain tunes manifest a bit more of psychedelic rock aspect. . . . But, for all the band-like elements, this is primarily a vocal album as strong as their debut. None of the instrumental works flashes more prominently than the voices, and Sharron’s decision to employ more of her Denny register than she has in the past definitely colors the proceedings. Time Takes Away is a classic slab of UK folk invention.” —Byron Coley, 2017

Released on Feeding Tube Records on 19th May, exclusively distributed through Forced Exposure Mailorder.

We will be playing “Driving” from this release on the show on May 7th

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Todays live show 16.4.17

Good morning and welcome to this sunny Ostara easter bunnie chicken egg day. Come and join us on the roller coaster that is The MrTum Radio Show and enjoy all of this great stuff that we’ll be offering to your ears today. EPMD, Les Georges Leningrad, Big Mama Thornton, The Casual Sexists, Curved Light, Floating Di Morel, Gyedu-Blay Ambolley, Fumaça Preta, The Burning Hell, The Feelies, Wire, Screaming Trees, Roky Erickson and more. Todays Pigpens Track of the Week is with thanks to Daniel Ruane for a pre release from ARCS. As always cheers to the labels who give us stuff to play.. The Silent Howl, BANG! RECORDS, Homestead Records, Ghoul Tapes, Field Hymns, Czaszka Records, play loud! productions, Forced Exposure, Agogo Records, Beluga Records, Soundway Records, Groenland Records. 1-3 pm TODAY on Hailsham FM.

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Live Show 9.4.17

Ok, so what do you want to be doing on the hottest day of the year so far..sitting in your garden (or the pub garden) with your phone locked onto The MrTum Radio Show. This week you will be getting these and more.. Austin Leonard Jones, The Keith Walsh Experience, The Missing Souls, The Submissives, Unrest (band), Thee Marvin Gays, The Prefab Messiahs, The Strange Walls, #djangovoris, #Viewfinder, with Pigpens choice of the week as discovered by Boris Jerschensky, Pigpen Boogie by #Pax. Thanks to the labels Pleonasm Music, Dangerhouse Skylab, State Records, Fixture Records, Frantic City Records, Memorials of Distinction, Spectrum Spools, Transfusão Noise Records, Gezellig Records, Alrealon Musique, Sirona-Records, Hujan Rekords, BURGER RECORDS. and that’s it…tune in 1-3 Hailsham FM or via TuneIn.

Angry revised
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New Gnod album and tour dates

Gnod are on tour following the release of their cracking new album on Rocket Recordings called “JUST SAY NO TO THE PSYCHO RIGHT-WING CAPITALIST FASCIST INDUSTRIAL DEATH MACHINE”.

You don’t want the other kids laughing at you for being square so get yourself a copy of the album and a ticket to a show….we did because we are cool!





Album available exclusively through


in North America.

Click on images to get where you need to go….

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