September 2017


On the show this week…

The Meanies – Wonderland
Oh Sees – Animated Violence
Leila Gobi – Tibo Gadeina
Los Pankys – Guantanamara
Nairobi meets The Ganjas – Eagle & Snake
Euphoria – There Is Now
Lord Youth – April 25th
Savage Ground – The Role Of Iron
The Gun Club – Preachin’ The Blues
Ursula Bognor – Atmospherische Energie (not on upload)
Lucid Lynx & Solar Temple – Solar Temple Vs. Lucid Lynx Jam
White Mystery – Here Comes The Zombies
Men & Volts – Moonlight On Vermont
White Poppy – Wear Me Away
Water Trash – Elevator
Tucker Theodore – Dunes Revisited
LCN – N’Ecoutez Pas Tout Les Conseils De Vos Amis
R.Stevie Moore – Adult Tree
Spirit Fest – Hitori Matsuri


On the show this week…

Leadfoot Tea – Leadfoot own
GAM – Sepp Oben Ich Unten
Matias Aguayo & The Desdemonas – Cold Fever
Cobr Verde – Riot Industry
Gang Starr – Full Clip
Vanishing Twin – Choose your own adventure
Jack Cooper – North of anywhere
Andrew Wartts & The Gospel Storytellers – Peter & John
Evening Meetings – Hello Mr.Evening
Satans Little Helpers – Another Girl
Tenor Saw – Pumpkin Belly
Color Horror – Mas Alto Que El Sol
David Nesselhauf – Come Along Bintang Bolon
AFCGT – Lost
Denseland – Technology
The Holydrug Couple – Everything Is So Wrong
UUUU – Boots With Wings
Lutz Krajenski – I Got Hope
The Terminals – Light Years Away
Hisato Higuchi – Furikaesu Te
The staple Singers – Freedom Highway
The Loud Family – Jimmy Still comes Around