October 2017


On the show this week….

Dirty Fences – All You Need Is A Number
Los Camaroes – Belon Sala
Next Years Love – Smash The Pink Bug
Mind Over Mirrors – BackwardsForwardsSidewaysDownwards
The Burning Hell – Friend Army
Awesome Color – Transparent
Bunny Wailer – Reincarnated Souls
The Clifmen – Talk Of The Town
John 3:16 – To Help Me Obey You
The Village Callers – I Don’t Need No Doctor
Les Rivals – Fruitcake
Electric Eels – Agitated
Zomby – Zkittlez
Neu! – Hallo Gallo
Msafiri Zawose – Tusife Majanga
Upper Wilds – Black Holes
Fang Wizard – Fink Beverage
The Thing & James Blood Ulmer – Baby Talk
Itchy-O – Witch’s Foot
Pere Ubu – Kathleen
Lisandro Meza Y Su Combo Gigante – El Coco


On the show this week….

Transglobal Underground – Temple Head
Pachinko – Norman Comes Alive
OMNI – Supermoon
Tim Midgett – As Long…
Ronnie & Natalie with Stumpwater – 6 Times
Staatseinde – Yedo
Dave From Hollywood – Heather
Nasti – Stale
LLoyd Charmers & The Hippy Boys – Summer Face
Dark/Light – Kill Some Time
Spish – The Great Denial
Chainsaw Rainbow – Cherry Sunburst
Pinback – Microtonic Waves
Duds – No Remark/Elastic Feel
Pauline Anna Strom – Energies
Baby Ford – Normal
Greg Fox – OPB
The Base – Lose My Happy
Condition – Subjugated Fate
Hans Chew – New Cypress Grove boogie
The Individuals – The Sky Is Falling
Eluvium – Washer Logistics
Backgammon – Gekiha


On the show this week….

Plank! – La Luna
Baranta – Tepo
Methyl Ethel – Twilight Driving
Bill Withers – I Can’t Write Left Handed
Cobra Verde – Riot Industry
Thee Headcoats – Chatham Town Welcomes Desperate Men
Mog Stunt Team – Iron Fist
Big Mama Thornton – Let’s Go Get Stoned
Minutemen – King Of The Hill
Cows – Midnight Cowboy
Gnod – Bodies For Money
Funkadelic – You Can’t Miss What You Can’t Measure
Torche – Rockit
Julian Cope – Out Of My Mind On Dope And Speed
The Leaving Trains – She’s Looking At You
Liz Phair – Go West
Loop – Black Sun
Phoebe Bridgers – Smoke Signals
Uncle Wiggly – Eleanor’s Pizza Party
’68 Comeback – Otto Wood The Bandit
Taj Mahal – Leaving Trunk
De La Soul – Supa Emcees
Evan Johns & His H-Bombs – You’re A Cutie
Ike & Tina Turner – Contact High
Killdozer – Take The Money And Run
No Trend – Fuzzy Dice
Orange Juice – The Blue Boy
The Quadrajets – Too Much Evil
The Fleshtones – Histburg USA
Angry Samoans – Time has Come today
System7 – Interstate


On the show this week…

Melvins – It’s Shoved
Sleepy John Corbeck – Grand Serpent
Coldcut x Cornelius – Atomic Moog
Yes, I’m Leaving – Song For You
Dadalu – Retina
Scream – Mineshaft Burning
Peter Zirbs – You Don’t Feel Like This
Escobar – Misbehaviour
Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – The Bottle
Shovels – MB Jacket
Dead Horses – She’s Rain
Throw Stephanie in The Incinerator – Burn The Witch
Volume Allstar – Girls Town
Nomeansno – One Fine Day
Michael Claus – Ocean Side
Tenniscoats – Papa
Faust – Krautrock (Live)
Quarter Mile Thunder – How Embarrassing
Ramsden – Home
Dan Melchior – Dirty Lies
Plaga De Baile – Te Tiraste Charlie Vasquez
Dead Moon – 40 Miles Of Bad Road
Bad Rec Project – We Understand Punk Rock
Exuma – You Don’t Know What’s Going On