February 2017


Features tracks from Kim Fowley & Ben Vaughn, Viewfinder, Mission of Burma, Freex, Wild Racoon, Orlando Julius & His Modern Aces, Calum Gunn, Brazilian Octopus, Lam and loads of other stuff too.


Features tracks from Waskerley Way, The Kundalini Genie, TV Pow, Mourned, Mudhoney, Leavings, Blasteroid, Buzz Rodeo, Soft Grid, Meier & Erdmann and loads of other groovy shit.


Features tracks from The Masonics, Dub-Stuy, Dreamdecay, Taj Mahal, Coleur Dessin, Nina Simone, Victor Herrero, Shudder to Think, Takahiro Mukai, D.O.C, Godz, All Signs of Those Who Left, Your Planet Is Next, Super Defence, Ulan Bator, Ball, Prince far I, Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers, The Kinks, Delicate Apparatus, John Loose.


Features tracks from r.stevie moore, mark dagley, infinite livez, space mountain, the blackbyrds, brian Jonestown massacre, the consumers, Conrad Schnitzler & Schneider tm, negative one, peter king, christtt, the routes, space art, djang san, sex deaths of Karen novotny, moral panic, street arabs, wah, winter family, Washington phillips, Oneida, de la soul, the upsettersĀ and platzgumer vs poeschl.