December 2017


On the show this week….

The Cool Jerks – Can’t Quit
Celestial Bums – Sister Of The Road
Prins Thomas – Here Comes The Band
Bighand/Bigknife – Booneslick Road
Onom Agemo & the Disco Jumpers Ft. Ahmed Ag Kaedy – Onin Okalan
No Peafowls – Unpleasant
Brazilian Octopus – Momento B/8
Husker Du – Drug Party
Bird Girls – Right The First Time
Michele Moncour – In The Air
Gang Of Four – Tattoo
Knocker Jungle – Sunburnt Virgin Trousers
Feasibility Study & Sea Of Aaland – Let’s Get this Show On The Road
Vanishing Twin – It Sends My Heart Into A Spin
Bloodloss – Mystery Spot
Alessandro Stefana Ft. Marc Ribot – Poste E Telegrafi Blues
The Asteroid Belt – Bulkhead
Renegades Of Jazz – Jamboree (Mr. Bird Remix)
Alice Donut – Bucket, Fork, Pock
The Dead C – Maggot
The Wallflower Complextion – Sapphire
Les Rallizes Denudes – The Night Collectors


On the show this week….

Abrasive Wheels – Burn ‘Em Down
Skip Skip Ben Ben – Last Light
BLK TAG – BLK Friday
Drink & Drive – Leech Farm
Makaya McCraven – Slightest Right
Turkish Delight – Around
Dalt Wisney – Dingbat The Singing Cat
Pierre Et Bastien – Guitare, Basse, Batterie
Dommengang – Dave’s Boogie
1348 – Track 1
Skyjelly – The Six Is Silent
The Body & Full Of Hell – Light Penetrates
Carter Frerichs – 2 & 3
Peach Kelli Pop – Heart Eyes
Wild Billy Childish & CTMF – It’s All Gone Wrong
Dan Friel – Ghost Town Pt.1
The Dream Syndicate – The Days Of Wine And Roses
OCS – Time Tuner
The Khan Jamal Creative Arts Ensemble – Breath Of Life
Mythic Sunship – Silt
Alpine Decline – Mid-Level Functionary In A Criminal Syndicate