April 2017


Features tracks from Evan Johns & The H-Bombs, Karel Goldbaum, Shocking Blue, Gnod, The Washboard Abs, Black Saturn & Cold Metal Future, Tommy & The Rockets, Golden Disko Ship, D-Compose, Kreidler, Mazozma, Pagans, Hellchild, The Holocene, Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society, Sleep Movies, Nightmen, Jean-Jacques Perrey, Dat Garcia, Tommy McCook & The Upsetters, Birth Control, Sabu Martinez, Jimmy Reed.

My apologies to Dat Garcia for not crediting the song, I believe that I was distracted by Pigpen…Dat Garcia – Camino Sobre Piedras from the Maleducadia release on ZZK records.


Features tracks from The Keith Walsh Experience, Russell E.L Butler, the Strange Walls, Warm Sword, Nerdcore, The Prefab Messiahs, Second Woman, Austin Leonard Jones, Bachsung, The Missing Souls, The Submissives, Pax, Unrest, Viewfinder, Fairy Scouts, Thee Marvin Gays, 10 Konekt, King Tubby, Le Almeida, Jean Pierre Mirouze, The Safari, Black Sabbath and Buddy Johnson. 


Featuring tracks by Screaming Trees, Former Airline, Roky Erickson, Klaus Dinger & Japandorf, Paco Salo, Blay Ambolley, Wire, Floating Di Morel, Fumaca Preta, John Coltrane Quartet, Les Georges Leningrad, Daniel Ruane, Jacobites, The Casual Sexists, The Burning Hell, Takahiro Mukai, The Feelies, EPMD, The Connection, Curved Light, Uncle Wiggly.


Featuring tracks by Kowloon Walled City, Theodore Tucker, Reptilians From Andromeda, The Paperhead, Aras Focum, Black Saturn, Can, The Limboos, 9353, The Hecks, Anes Bateaux, Dan Dolby, The Dharma Violets, Moral Panic, Aguaturbia, Nursery, Neil Cosgrove, Ty Segal, Awa Poulo, Fret!, Prince Far I, Husker Du.


Featuring Tracks by Swell Maps, Trad, Gras Och Stenar, Klaten, Fugazi, Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns, Chook Race, Milisa Kecoa, Madlib, Oren Ambarchi, Conrad Schnitzler & Pole, Soul Syndicate, The New Tusk, Peace, Loving, Yo La Tengo, The Who, Jandek, Lungfish, Steelpole Bathtub, Big Mama Thornton, Debmaster, Alice Coltrane, The Flesheaters, The Deacons.