The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 17.12.17

Well despite another week of cold and coughing, MrTum is going to soldier on and bring to you another dose of his legendary (!) show. Tune in with us Mel Tum Read 1-3 today on Hailsham FM.

All of these await your ears.. Dommengang, Abrasive Wheels Official, Full of Hell, #OCS, Peach Kelli Pop, #daltwisney, #nakama, Alpine Decline, #1348, #jeffreysurak, BLK TAG, #Turkishdelight, #skyjelly, Thee Wild Billy Childish page, #ctmf, The Dream Syndicate, SKIP SKIP BEN BEN, #khamjemal, Mythic Sunship, #pierreetbastien, #drinkdrive, Motörhead, #danfriel Upper Wilds, Lionel Hampton _ Verve Records and Pigpens Track of the Week from Carter Frerichs.

As always thanks to the labels.. El Paraiso Records, Frantic City Records, German Shepherd Records ,#internationalanthem, Important Records, #riotcity, Thrill Jockey Records, Castle Face Records, BURGER RECORDS, #mooshy, Genjing Records, #zeromoon, I Heart Noise, Damaged Goods Records, and Maybe Mars. mrtumradiostation2 orange transparent

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