The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 10.12.17

The flu has flown, but on this rainy and windy Sunday, you had better stay in and get yourself a dollop of The MrTum Radio Show, LIVE today 1-3pm via the TuneIn app or straight from Hailsham FM. This is what you’ll get today..
Gang Of Four Official. Alice Donut, Vanishing Twin, The Dead C, #cooljerks, Jack Oblivian, Michele Mercure, Bloodloss,
Brazilian Octopus, #knockerjungle, #celestialburns, Prins Thomas, Alessandro Asso Stefana, Les Rallizes Dénudés, #thewallflowercomplextion, Husker Du (band), Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers, Renegades Of Jazz, The Asteroid Belt, No Peafowls, Bighand//bigknife, Bird Girls and Pigpens Track of the Week from our friend Graham Fialkiewicz and Feasibility Study.
Many thanks to this lot who give us the tracks…
#freedomtospend, #uncleknobby, #vinilissimo, Munster Records, EXAG’ Records, Important Records, #phoenixrecords, Numero Group, Agogo Records, POAT Records, #anvileater, Alternative Tentacles, Soundway Records, Flying Nun Records, #sympathyfortherecords and Throne Of Bael Records.
That’s is people see you cool cats at 1pm.mrtumradiostation2 orange transparent

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