The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 12.11.17

You lucky lucky people, The MrTum Radio Show is back with you today 1-3pm on Hailsham FM, so get yourselves ready and join us for all of this lot.

#jonhussell, N-qia, Violet Nox, Mark “Porkchop” Holder & MPH, Ja Sputnik, Headroom band, #flatworms, #waynesmith, Husker Du (band), #Imarcc4, #dayofphoenix, #lasaladelsilencia, Tresque, #loscamaroes, #richardhorowitz, Curved Light, Howard Hello, Baronen & Satan, The Routes, and Pigpens Track of the Week from Phoebe Bridgers.

Progressive broadcasting
As always, big thanks to the lovely people who let us have all these tracks. OUS, #anaglogarica, Rvng Intl., Constellation Tatsu, Temporary Residence Ltd., Dirty Water Records, #greenwayrecords, Dead Oceans, #glitterbeat, #noble, #reverbworship, Alive Naturalsound, Trouble In Mind Records, #sst, Munster Records, #vinilissimo and Castle Face Records. That’s it, get ready and join Mel Tum Read at1pm!

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