The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 5.11.17

On this bright and sunny sunday there’s nothing better to do than tune your device or TuneIn app to Hailsham FM, and settle in for another instalment of The MrTum Radio Show, on with you 1-3 pm. This is what you can look forward to…
Peter Zirbs, Chrome Plated Apostles, Clifton Lee Mann, Laura Baird, Mean Motor Scooter, #alvariusb, Proto Idiot, Les Lullies, #thestickmen, The Stabs, Iokoi, Furtherset, ISLAJA, gudrun gut, Angel 1, Nautilus, #ladusseldorf, #theinvaders, Guided By Voices, #ORB, Sequoyah Tiger, Flipper, Iggy And The Stooges and Pigpens Track of the Week from They Called Him Zone.
With big thanks to all of these for the tracks.. Slovenly Recordings, Homeless, OUS, Morr Music, Constellation Tatsu, Agogo Records, Fabrique Records, Demonbeach Records, Ba Da Bing! Records, Dirty Water Records, Castle Face Records, Forced Exposure, #abduction, Now Again Records, Matador Records, Domino Recording Company, Ambiconmusic.
So that’s it, join us. Mel Tum Read 1-3 for 2 hours of great tracksBe More Pidge2

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