New Short Fictions release on Crafted Sounds

Well hello again chums, here’s the bright and breezy new release on Crafted Sounds by Short Fictions and it goes by the name of The Heart Is A Kaleidoscope; check it out….

The Heart Is A Kaleidoscope by Short Fictions (CS012)

This is the twelfth release off of Crafted Sounds that is also available for download and purchase at &

Check out the music video to Ellen (A Song About A Book) on the Grey Estates!


releases November 4, 2017
Recorded, mixed, and master by Matt Very at Very Tight Recordings in Sharpsburg, PA in February 2017 with the exception of Emma Vescio and Britney Raybucks’s parts – as well as some backing vocals – which were recorded at Cafe Verona (3319 Juliet street, Pittsburgh).

Sam Treber – guitar, voice, organ, pianos, keyboards, singing-saw, lap-steel
Shimpei Blackriver – guitar
Sebastian Ho – drums
Dylan Chieffalo – bass, vocals
Emma Vescio – poetry on “The Heart Never Stops Beating”
Nick Bursick – trombone
Britney Raybuck – backing vocals
Available on Vinyl (limited stocks left) and cassette.
Click on the little house next door or follow links in the above text…0007893311_21
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