New Pachinko release on Alternative Tentacles out now

PachinkoThat’s right, after 2 decades, Mad-City madmen PACHINKO have collected their bad vibes and weirdness and unleashed A NEW RECORD on unsuspecting audiences world-wide on Alternative Tentacles Records!

Not only is “State Your Grievances” their 1st record since 1999, JELLO BIAFRA calls it their best since their 1st Alternative Tentacles LP “Behind the Green Pachinko” from 1996!

After a ten year hiatus, Madison, Wisconsin’s PACHINKO is back with new music and live performances. Guaranteed to wipe that smug smile off your face, PACHINKO is making a racket with a ton of new songs by original members: Brian Brech, Greg Norman, Matt Quigle, and Mike “Magma” Henry. They are once again churning out more of the great messed-up head shakers they paraded around way back when.


Click on the A.T logo to get more info….

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