The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 17.9.17

ok kids, get yourselves ready for another exciting instalment of The MrTum Radio Show with Mel Tum Read, 1-3 today on Hailsham FM.

This is your line up.. Leadfoot Tea – one man trash’n’roll, #satanslittlehelpers, #GAM, #AFCGT, #Eveningmeetings, #Lutzkrajenski, #jackcooper, #matiasaguayo, The Holydrug Couple, #cobraverde, John Petkovic, Andrew Wartts and GST (Gospel Story Tellers), #theloudfamily, #euma, Gang Starr, #hisatohiguchi, David Nesselhauf, #theterminals, #tenorsaw, The Staple Singers, Vanishing Twin, #UUUU, DENSELAND and Pigpens Pick of the Week from Color Horror.
As always big thanks to the labels.. Beluga Records, Dirty Knobby Industries, Agogo Records, Trouble In Mind Records, #crammeddiscs, #muscletonerecords, Numero Group, BYM Records, Alias Records, #rockstrata, Légère Recordings, Ba Da Bing! Records, VP Records, Soundway Records, Editions Mego, #arbitrary. . Pew, so you’ve got 3 hours to prepare yourself, but better still tune in now while our co-horts Gary Page and Neil Martin ease you in before us.


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