Coming soon on Thrill Jockey Records…SAICOBAB : SAB SE PURANI BAB

SAICOBAB bio - SAB SE PURANI BAB (3)SAICOBAB is the Japanese quartet of vocalist YoshimiO (Boredoms, OOIOO), Yoshida Daikiti (sitar), Akita Goldman (bass), and acclaimed in Japan Motoyuki “Hama” Hamamoto (percussion, gamelan). SAICOBAB masterfully blend traditional Indian music with melodies and unexpected rhythms using unorthodox instrumentation to create utterly distinct modern ragas. On their debut album SAB SE PURANI BAB, YoshimiO’s leaping, animated, effected vocal melodies dance fluidly through Daikiti’s intricate sitar patterns. The entrancing synergy of Goldman and Hama’s rhythmic pulse drives and shapes the aptly named SAICOBAB’s sound to one that is at once rooted in ancient tradition, and wholly new.

SAICOBAB’s intricate melody and rhythm of the sitar, double bass, voice, and riq (a middleeastern tambourine), are largely recorded live, but are also manipulated in subsequent editing to create bursts and distortions, such as the vocal scatterings of “AWAWAW” or the stuttering percussion of “One.” The artwork was created by longtime collaborator and artist Ooido Syoujou. Since YoshimiO and Daikiti formed SAICOBAB in 2001, the group has expanded beyond their initial improvisations and into an ensemble as formidable in talent as it is in originality. YoshimiO is clearly able to ignore the rules with ease and singular creativity, however she and Daikiti understand that in order to be able to ignore the rules, you need “to train yourself
to be aware of the most ancient rules of the universe.” SAICOBAB’s deep understanding of traditions enables them to transform ancient cultural practices into modern playgrounds of creativity.

Released October 20th 2017.

Playing “Bx Ax Bx” on the show on the 10th September.

Click on the logo to get where you need to go…  download

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