The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 27.8.17

You know what all the cool kids do on sundays?….they listen to The MrTum Radio Show with Mel Tum Read.  Yes, that’s right, so you’d best join us today 1-3 on Hailsham FM for some of this.
MONO (Japan), BLAHA, Lali Puna, tomorrows tulips, Sites ‘n’ Sounds, CASUAL BURN, Gelbart, #groupmesk/ gudrun gut, Echolog, Yorishiro, #mjguider, #jenksmiller #rosecrossnc, #theupsetters, #henrykaiserband, Angry Samoans, mike watt, Spoon,#thescreamingbluemessiahs, Dead Kennedys, and Pigpens Track of the Week for Liz Phair.   As always big shout to the labels who make all this possible. Temporary Residence Ltd., Slovenly Recordings, Morr Music, BURGER RECORDS, Launching Gagarin Records and Management, Constellation Tatsu, Three Lobed Recordings, #recklessrecords and #triplex.
please join us by streaming from Hailsham FM or via the TuneIn.Bat out of hellsham

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