New Tucker Theodore album out on Antiquated Future Records

Hello Chums, Antiquated Future Records have a new release to tell you about…..

Tucker Theodore “Lady Hope”

a2751227354_16Next week (August 25th) we’re releasing Lady Hope, the latest from Olympia psych-folk artist Tucker Theodore (of such groups as Buffalo Voice and Midwife).

In 2013, we put out his solo debut, To Make the Sun Hurt. Since no one had heard of him and he was a recluse who didn’t play shows, we made 50 tapes and called it a day.

Those 50 somehow sold out instantly, and it’s gone on to be our best-selling digital album. Eventually, after receiving dozens of emails and inquiries about it, we were convinced to reprint the tapes. We couldn’t be more pleased that people have found it.

Lady Hope is an epic. An hour-long journey that’s in many ways an unlikely companion piece to To Make the Sun Hurt. It premieres this Monday, the 21st (the day of the eclipse) on our favorite UK music blog, Various Small Flames. I can’t imagine a better solar eclipse soundtrack than this wild album. In the meantime, you can listen to a couple tracks tracks on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. (And also preorder a tape, because they’re going fast!)


Playing a track on the show 10th September……click on the links…..

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