The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 9.7.17

Ok, so todays gonna be hot and sweaty so there’s not point you trying to do anything at all except join us Mel Tum Read for this weeks MrTum Radio Show, live from 1-3pm on Hailsham FM. This week we have for you.. Struggle Session, Os Mutantes, #unclewiggly Fly Ashtray, Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders, XOA, The Heliocentrics, Die ChiwawaDie, A Minor Forest, Sun Ra, ARRM, Fezz, Saccades, PILOCKA KRACH, Jaga Jazzist, J. G. Thirlwell, Elza Soares, with Pigpens Track of the Week from Earth Vs Bug The Bug Earth. Shout out to the labels Munster Records, Teen-Beat, Ninja Tune, Numero Group, Instant Classic, Beluga, Soundway Records, Genjing Records, 琪琪音像|Qiii Snacks Records, Fuzz Club, Monika Enterprise, Editions Mego, Mais Um Discos. That’s it, please txt in on 07494 650350 and let us know you’re listening, and its all worth us sitting in the small sweat box at HFM Towers!toms

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