Fuzz Club presents the debut album from NONN

Yeah ok, we are a little bit late on this as it was released on May 26th but check it out….

NONNSweden already boasts some of the most exciting names in modern psychedelia, and now, rising out of a desolate winter to join the ranks is NONN (the monikor of Christian Eldefors from The Orange Revival) with his brooding post-punk/coldwave. London label Fuzz Club Records released the debut self-titled LP May 26th.


His bleak, icy surroundings in northern Sweden inevitably became a huge influence on this project. Blurring the line between sharp, glacial post-punk and the industrial electronic aesthetic of the 80s. Although contemporary in feel, it’s hard to listen to imagesthese tracks and not picture them sound-tracking moments of sheer euphoria in some sticky-floored warehouse in 80s Berlin. It’s got it all; the minimal droning synths, kosmische drum-machine percussion, jangling post-punk guitars and echoing, forlorn vocals. There’s something here for lovers of psych-rock, post-punk and electronica alike.

Featured on the show of the 2nd July check it out here.

        Available now from         Fuzz_Club_Logo_66467368-0015-4ebb-951c-826c8a35a116_100x

See NONN on tour in the UK this September


See you at the Hope and Ruin!

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