The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 25.6.17

Exciting news people, today on The MrTum Radio Show we will have a special guest…don’t get too excited, its not a famous or anything but tune in today 1-3 Hailsham FM to find out who it is. But more importantly, the music, here we go Procol Harum, Wrongtom, Ragga Twins, Andy Gabbard, Justin Walter, Brian Foote, Fat Kneel, RÃ¥ttanson, Pale Lips, The Rich Hands, #DSRlines, #jaywinebrenner, Public Enemy. Pigpens Pick of the Week is High Tide from Mythic Sunship El Paraiso Records. Shout outs to the labels who helped us out this week Tru Thoughts, Alive Naturalsound, Kranky, Brian Foote, To Live A Lie Records, Alrealon Musique, Resurrection Records, Black Sweat Records, Trouble In Mind Records, Field Hymns. So that’s it, 1-3 today people, come and join Mel Tum Read, ( and the mystery person…) http://www.themrtumradioshow.comKick ass

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