New releases from Enfant Terrible/Goiland Elektro

Watch out groovers, there are three hot new releases heading your way mid-late June from our chums at Enfant Terrible/Goiland Elektro records but you will need to jump on them quick as they are all limited to 200 copies. Here is the lowdown:

Europ Europ – Songs From The Heart (LP, 200 copies + 10 copies special edition)

Expected around mid June


Europ Europ returns to Enfant Terrible… the band is no longer a duo as they recruited a new member: Mrs Europ on harp… this addition to the band and the sound is significant… the music has become more dreamlike and hypnotic… still the analogue primitive rhythms are there… making this nothing short of contemporary ritual music…

6 track, 12″ vinyl


Ian Martin – Rites Of Passage (12″ EP, edition of 200 copies, screen printed sleeve)

Expected around mid June


ET051-GOOILAND-28-Label-A-Web-300x300Ian Martin should be no stranger to people who are into elektro and trippy electronics… with releases on Bunker, Panzerkreuz and Strange Life his reputation is quite settled… for Gooiland Elektro he came up with four tracks filled with dark beats… from pounding to spacey… elektro and EBM influenced with industrial tendencies…

4 track, 12″ vinyl


Zosima – Apropos Of The Wet Snow (LP, 200 copies)

Expected around mid June

Zosima-ET049-www-front-300x300Zosima already delivered some great releases in the field of techno, post-techno and industrial music… this for example on his own Noiztank label. For Enfant Terrible he crafted a dark industrial soundscape record… post-techno for connoisseurs… recommended to fans of Oake, Kerridge, Shaped Noise and Mondkopf…

6 track, 12″ vinyl

Click on the Enfant Terrible logo below to get where you need to go….


Playing on the show this week (18th June) : Ian Martin “Mood of Uncertainty”

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