The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 14.5.17

Ok, todays the day that you all get yourselves onto the award winning (soon) MrTum Radio Show with Mel Tum Read on Hailsham FM. On today LIVE 1-3. Get involved by texting us on 07494 650350 and you’ll get a shout out…oh, and here’s what you’ll hear. UNSANE, Linear John, Zarkoff, Coldcut, DIRTY FENCES, Dreamdecay, Dat Garcia, The Lemonheads, System 7, Couleur Dessin, Noisia, The Hecks, Twiggy, Las Munjitas del Fuzz, The Control Freaks. Shout outs to the people who send us stuff. Trouble In Mind Records, Munster Records, Vampisoul, Slovenly Recordings, Dirty Water Records, Mik Musik, ZZK Records / Zizek Club, Fixture Records, FABRICLIVE, Now Again Records, Relapse Records, Deranged Records, Agogo Records, Enfant Terrible, Ninja Tune. And that’s all folks.

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