The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 7.5.17

I’m not going to bang on about the virtues of listening in to Mel Tum Read on The MrTum Radio Show cos you all know you should be tuning in every week! So, heres what you’ll get today. #Butchwax, Herbie Hancock, Cosmonauts, @Dan Melchior/Dan Melchior Und Das Menace, Rusalnaia, Big Daddy Kane, Andrew Oldham Orchestra (Official) #thebrianwilsonshocktreatment, Exploding Castro Cigars, Dante Mars Ajeto, The Chinchees, snapline@, Primitive Calculators, Boredoms, Bill Laswell and Pigpens Pick from The Stone Eye. Shouts to labels… Demonbeach Records, BURGER RECORDS, Ici d’ailleurs, FEEDING TUBE RECORDS, Neon Tetra Music PR and Plugging, Bedlam Tapes, Moniker Eggplant, DIRT CULT RECORDS, Genjing Records, Chapter Music, headphonica. Phew, so much stuff, you lucky lucky people. 1-3 @Hailsham FM or via TuneIn.

i want to go

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