New from Slovenly Recordings…

A couple of swanky new releases from Slovenly Recordings of Reno to tell you about….

th-2666131331-780x792Slovenly imprint I Shit In The Milk Records presents the second single from Spain’s bastard nuns LAS MUNJITAS DEL FUZZ! A raving mad 60s punk workout slathered in lyrics you wouldn’t sing in front of your mother. Featuring three original members of Gijón legends Doctor Explosion, and limited to 666 copies on whitevinyl. ¡Dios bendiga esta moñiga! Out Now.



After years of clenching our fists and throwing tantrums like they were hand grenades, Greg Lowery of The Rip Offs, Supercharger and some other jerky combos finally granted us our wish and slapped us silly with this LP from his latest no-count crew CONTROL FREAKS. Be careful what you wish for, indeed! This is snot-caked Bay Area slime by abusive maniacs with the teen-beat on lockdown, and they will C.O.N.T.R.O.L. your last remaining brain cells! “Mindless Entertainment” got all the obnoxious pop you can handle: “Hollywood” is classic G-Lo retardation, and guitarist Natalie Sweet is making us itch sharing vocal doodies all over the album in her best Edith Bunker impression. Keep punk stupid, stupid! Out on LP/Cassette May 19th.

Playing Tracks from both releases on the show 14th May; click on the logo below to get where you need to go…slovenly


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