Who’s Dat?

Allow ZZK Records to introduce you to Dat Garcia….

“Enter Dat García, one of the freshest and most captivating female artists out there right now. ZZK Records welcomes her to the family and invites you to listen to her 1st album, Maleducada (un- or poorly educated).

Maleducada is Dat’s way of expressing and exorcizing through song the bad emotional upbringing common among so many young people of her generation, the children of adults censored during the tough times of 1980s Argentina, when the military dictatorship silenced, oppressed and even murdered many of those dedicated to artistic or political expression.


Dat García grew up in Monte Grande, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, and from a young age she was involved in Argentine folklore music. In 2013, she immersed herself in digital music, opening up a world of tools for expressing her inner sounds, with the help of Pedro Canale aka Chancha Via Circuito. “You don’t need to make music in an adobe hut in the middle of the Pampas to feel that it’s folklore. There’s a ton of stuff we do with a weight of tradition behind it that we don’t see. And a lot of it comes from everyday life, from emotion, from the feeling of the people.”

If up until now the digital folklore scene was almost exclusively a men’s club, Dat Garcia comes in to flip the switch and change the paradigm and make sure women’s voices are heard, telling powerful, profound stories that welcome us to her world of folkfuturist sounds and aesthetics. ”

So there you have it, click on the ZZK logo to find out more about Dat Garcia and indeed ZZK. download-1

We are Playing “Aves” from the forthcoming album Maleducada on the show May 14th and the album is out now.

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