Our chums at Cruel Nature Records have been busy putting together some new releases for your hungry ears to consume but you’d better be quick coz they’re limited releases and they’re going quick….

CN076: Lush Worker “Impervium / Reformer” limited edition tape + DL

a1323360674_2Solo project from Mike Vest (Blown Out, Bong, 11Paranoias, Lobster Priest, Drunk In Hell, Melting Hand, Haikai No Ku etc) featuring two albums recorded in early and late 2016, re-mastered and available on one cassette for the first time.  Across 9 tracks ‘Impervium’ and ‘Reformer’ are full of dark, echoing layers of fuzz and wah-wah which pass through the psychedelic barrier and into a territory of all of their own. Almost an hour of nightmarish soundscapes and reverberating riffs. Pro-dubbed black cassettes with full colour double-sided inlay.  Limited to 50 copies world-wide.
PRE-ORDER HERE: (ships out around 1 May)

CN075: Reptilians From Andromeda “Groove Overdrive” limited edition tape + DL

a2834954891_2RFA hail from Istanbul where they have quite a cult following.  Although labelled as garage-rock, their new 5 track EP “Groove Overdrive”, lends more to early 80s post-punk and New York no-wave.  Effortlessly cool, you can trace influences of Joy Division, Killing Joke, Lydia Lunch and early Sisters Of Mercy across the 5 tracks, which are topped off with sultry nonchalant female vocals.  The EP was also produced by Fran Ashcroft (Pretty Things, Lords Of Acid, Dandy Warhols).  Pro-dubbed on red cassettes with full colour double-sided inlay.  Limited to 45 copies world-wide.
Seek it here:

CN074: Prorrhesis “Forgotten Shorelines” limited edition tape + DL

a0350991300_2Here’s a new project from Rick Matthews, the man behind Skat Injector and Slime City Records.  But this is very different to his previous excursions. Sure it isn’t easy listening but if I was going to have to label it, I’d say it’s “experimental noise” – which is a really shit description for something as layered, complex and textured as this. “Rats Cradle” is the stand-out track, where a low-end minimal synth line pulses in the background as a behemoth of white noise looms into view, with snatches of ghostly vocals drifting in and out. This is the sort of stuff I’d encourage to be listened to with headphones, in a pitch black room, volume up high, to bring on those aural hallucinations. So scrap that earlier description, this is “trip-noise”. You heard it here first.  Pro-dubbed on black cassettes with full colour double-sided inlay.  Limited to 30 copies world-wide.
Reach out and touch faith:

CN073: $un $keletons “‪Get It Up Yours Trio (Vermin Supreme)” limited edition tape + DL

a3054401320_2More gold soundz tossed out by Thames Valley’s finest, who feature two noise-punx from Workin’ Man Noise Unit. This tape brings you the final installment of the “Get It Up Yers” recordings, laid down in the Spring of 2016; all under the gaze of that Goddess of Country, Shania Twain. Free-form skronk meets sun-baked hypno-psych drones, that leaves you gagging for more. And you won’t have to wait long, as they have been recording in Fairport Convention’s old gaff, Woodworm Studios, so look forward to hearing that soon. Limited to 50 copies world-wide. On pro-dubbed gold-glitter tapes with on-body print, in a pro-printed slipcase.
Get if forever and for always here:

You can find out more about all of the splendid sonic goodies available from Cruel Nature Records by clicking on the logo below:


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