RUSALNAIA 2nd LP out in May

Folk duo Rusalnaia (England’s Sharron Kraus and Philadelphia’s Gillian Chadwick) follow their acclaimed self-titled debut with Time Takes Away.

“Time Takes Away shares elements with its predecessor in terms of song coverart_Rusalnaia_TimeTakesAway_May19construction, vocal overlay and general mystery action, but certain tunes manifest a bit more of psychedelic rock aspect. . . . But, for all the band-like elements, this is primarily a vocal album as strong as their debut. None of the instrumental works flashes more prominently than the voices, and Sharron’s decision to employ more of her Denny register than she has in the past definitely colors the proceedings. Time Takes Away is a classic slab of UK folk invention.” —Byron Coley, 2017

Released on Feeding Tube Records on 19th May, exclusively distributed through Forced Exposure Mailorder.

We will be playing “Driving” from this release on the show on May 7th

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