Live Show 2.4.17

Yay, the sun is out..what better accompaniment to go with that than cranking up whatever device you have and joining us for 2 hours of The MrTum Radio Show today 1-3 on Hailsham FM. today we have tons of great stuff for you like Michael Andrew Turner, Nightmen, Black Saturn, #JoshAbrams, #TommyAndtheRockets, Karel Goldbaum, Gnod, Shocking Blue, Kreidler, The Washboard Abs, Golden Diskó Ship, Evan Johns, Dat Garcia and Pigpens Pick of the Week is HELLCHILD (with a nod to Chris Pullen) from Ritual Records. As always, thanks to the labels Cowshed Records, Rocket Recordings, Bureau B, To Live A Lie Records, Antiquated Future, Karlrecords, Alternative Tentacles, Crafted Sounds, ZZK Records / Zizek Club, Eremite Records, FEEDING TUBE RECORDS, Rockstar Records, Beluga Records, and Lugubrious Audio.
so that’s it, come and join us 1-3 Hailsham FM

Smoking Cyberman
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