Live Show 19.3.17

Right, after a week off, and the most decadent amount of birthday drinking known to man, the MrTum Radio Show is back with you today 1-3 on Hailsham FM. Heres what your ears are going to get. Hexstatic, Ernie Vincent and the Top Notes, Ramsey Lewis, Ak’chamel, The Giver of Illness, Playboy Manbaby, Crystal Syphon, David Maranha, Taphephobia, Clifton Lee Mann in Ghost of rock, Richard Pinhas-Heldon, Nina Ryser, Flexible Juice, Suub, Blasting Fondas, Bloody Phoenix. Big shout to the labels who help us out. Jigsaw, Dirty Water Records, Roaratorio, Reverse Alignment, Demonbeach Records, Ninja Tune, Smells Like Records, Stones Throw Records, FEEDING TUBE RECORDS, Forced Exposure, ArteTetra, Bureau B, Black Sweat Records, Transfusão Noise Records, Pug Records, 4mg Records, Moniker Eggplant, Beluga Records, and To Live A Lie Records. Phew…that’s took it out of me..please join us 1-3 and see if there’s something you like..even Jango likes it Mark Longhurst Wendy Longhurst!
Jango loves it
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