Richard Pinhas – “Reverse” out now on Bureau B Records

I overlooked this upon release but I’m glad I revisited it….

On opening track “Ketter,” Pinhas’s immediately recognizable tone is tempered by downloadNarcy’s unique drumming, while “End” reflects the album’s title as sounds double back in on themselves. Album closer “V2” brings to mind both Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow and David Bowie, Pinhas being a big fan of both. Its music sounds like the aftermath of an enormous futuristic electrical malfunction still lingering over a vast cityscape.

• French guitarist Richard Pinhas (Heldon) presents Reverse, his first album for Bureau B.

• Features Oren Ambarchi (guitar, drones), Merzbow (analog synths), William Winant (percussion), Arthur Narcy (drums), Florian Tatar (bass), and Pinhas’s son Duncan Nilsson-Pinhas (digital synths).

• Pinhas is perhaps best known for the seven influential albums he recorded as the leader of French space-rock pioneers Heldon in the ’70s, which he followed with five solo records before his six-year break from music in 1982; since returning to the form in the ’90s he has been prolific, collaborating with such luminaries as Merzbow, Tatsuya Yoshida, Oren Ambarchi, Barry Cleveland, and Wolf Eyes.

• “For experimental-music aficionados, it’s hard to imagine a world without Richard Pinhas.” –Marc Masters, The Washington Post

• “This is music that demands and deserves our attention.” –Aug Stone, The Quietus

Available now from Bureau B records direct or Forced Exposure exclusively in North America….Click on the below images to get where you need to go….

Playing “Dronz 3 – Nefesh” on the show on the 19th March.



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