Moral Panic : Full-throttle NYC punk

From the still smoldering cinders of NYC gunk-punk fuck-ups Livids, MORAL PANIC stomps brazenly on the scene and bears the torch on their debut self-titled LP. You moral-panicheard that right Mack! Ex-Livids geetard mangler Daniel Kelley and drumkit crusher Gregory Collins’ latest gang is in annihilating New Bomb Turks / Teengenerate attack mode, with a heady nod to Canadian power-pop obscuros The Nils on their most blistering cover of “Fountains.” Middle fingers are planted fast and firmly in the faces of back stabbers on “Harbor Fitness,” while paeans to tripodial felines bring a welcome smirk on “Ghost Leg.” Twenty minutes of breakneck punk fracas that you’ll be flipping over before you have a chance to load a bowl… Slovenly style!

Tracklist: Smoke / Drink, Ghost Leg, Dug, Neck Tattoo, Ripped Jeans, Harbor Fitness, Edged, Fountains, 1999, Awkward Sexual Adventure


Click on the logo to get where you need to go…..slovenly

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