New from Iron Lung Records

Iron Lung Records are fierce and the music they release is also fierce, if there was any doubt about that (which there isn’t!) these three new releases should set the record straight…

ACRYLICS – Despair 7″

lungs-090_front_spTaking the modern stomp stamp of weird hardcore to a new generation of outsiders, Santa Rosa’s Acrylics rule the outer spheres. Gutsy angular guitar “melodies” intertwined with pummeling drums, urgent bass and a  half violent, half snide singer that packs a wallop. Music for wilding. Seeing is believing but enjoy this vinyl debut until you can. Rumor is there’s an LP for ILR in the works too. Limited to 300 copies.


D.O.C. – Parched Dredge 7″

lungs-091_a_front_cover_spD.C.’s ground-shakers return with their signature brand of hardcore/noise infused grind. Super destructive and maliscious music that wastes no time getting to the point. Before you know it the record is over and you’re left wondering where it all went and why you’re so alone with the world destroyed around you. Sorry for your loss. Limited to 500 copies.


DREAMDECAY – YÚ LP (out March 3rd)

a0536964384_16Seattle’s finest band had us waiting a long time for this dirge pop masterpiece. We won’t go into too much flower with the description, just know that this is honest music from the heart. A perfectly crafted trip. And seriously, “IAN” might be the best song of the decade. Damn. Limited to 800 copies housed in gatefold sleeve.


We’ll be spinning tracks from these releases on our show on the 19th February.

So there you have it….click on the Iron Lung logo to get where you need to go….



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