Todays live show 22/1/17

We know it tempting to go for a long walk on this lovely sunny crisp morning, but just make sure you’re back for The MrTum Radio Show at 1pm for 2 hours of crazy. Here’s your line up for today.. Pigpens choice of Daniel Ruane and all of these and more Jennifer Love / j. love & the janitors 400 Blows Yo La Tengo Peanut Butter Wolf eric arn @a A Tribe Called Quest HP Lovecraft – Band The Darts – US Duck Fight Goose Evan Johns Augustus Pablo. and of course we couldn’t make this the varied show it is without our friends at the labels who kindly support the show Stones Throw Records FEEDING TUBE RECORDS Alive Naturalsound records Dekorder The Silent Howl Demonbeach Records Dirty Water Records Genjing Records Maybe Mars. so join us live from Hailsham FM Towers 1-3 pm today via TuneIn.

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