Incandescent by Daniel Ruane

Hello to you my intrepid sonic explorers, you may have missed Daniel Ruane’s latest release on The Silent Howl label so I felt it my duty to let you know about it…’s the scoop:

‘Incandescent’ is the new release from the enigmatic and hugely talented producer, remixer and musician, Daniel Ruane. Hailing from Manchester in the UK he makes a1440216588_16beautifully textured music – not always dance but not ambient either. It is a quite unique hybrid of barely heard beats and dark ambient textures. This, his third release with The Silent Howl, addresses an altogether new strand for Daniel – music as a soundtrack to dreams… in this case a recurring nightmare!

The narrative refrain is a recurring nightmare that occurs in a strange, uncertain and unknown location the ambience of which is tempered with intense foreboding – a heady cocktail of anxiety and nostalgia.
The antithetical nature of the compositions generates a rupture in the emotional experience of the listener, reflected by the textures and timbres of the material.
The raw material for the pieces was recorded live using analogue synthesis modules, which were subtly treated with ‘found’ sounds and field recordings sourced from natural environments.

Click on the Silent Howl logo for more details….0008582370_21

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