Getting nervous with Jack Lee

Hey cats, you ain’t no schmucks so you know that Blondie didn’t write “hangin’ on the telephone”, The Nerves did and more specifically Mr Jack Lee.

Alive Natural Sound Records have recently issued a collection of Jack Lee’s solo material from the ’80’s and here is the spiel….

alive0186_cdsticker-300x300Legendary singer/songwriter Jack Lee has been on the radar of rock fans since the late ’70s, when he formed the iconic power pop band The NERVES, alongside Paul Collins and Peter Case.

His songs have been covered by a multitude of artists (BLONDIE, SUZY QUATRO, CAT POWER), but fans have found his solo work very hard to come by prior to this release.

Bigger Than Life is a double album filled with 23 memorable songs, all reissued for the first time since the 1980s, and showcasing the incredible songwriting craft of this reclusive pop genius.

Lord almighty, check out the sexy starburst vinyl, you know you want it!


You can find out more by clicking on the Alive Natural Sound logo below.


We will be playing a selection on our show on the 22nd January.

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