The return of Gregg Turner…

The VOM and Angry Samoans Legend returns with a new Lp chock full of ripping good tunes including a simply brilliant rework/epilogue to The Velvet Underground’s “The Gift” in the guise of “The Box”. Who says maths professors are boring?!!

The word from Byron Coley….

“The opening track, ‘Kremlin Dogs,’ with stinging lead autoharp by Billy Bill Miller (of Blieb Alien and Cold Sun) should remind everyone how deeply involved Turner was th-1780412327-600x600with Roky Erickson’s post-prison revival. Roaring psych pus of the highest order. ‘The Box,’ Turner’s splattery next chapter to the tale begun by the Velvets with ‘The Gift,’ is another chunk of most excellent gore. As is the solid garage grunt of ‘Look In The Mirror.’ But I have to admit that some of my faves are quieter tracks like ‘Franz Kafka’ (which I believe is ripe for an immediate cover by Yo La Tengo) and ‘They Took You Away,’ with the great Ronn Spencer on harmonica.


“Heard as a whole, the album — which has been playing on constant rotation in the background for well over a month now — is a goddamn gem. And almost surely the best album by a math professor since Lehrer’s last LP, released half a century back. Hopefully, Turner will not keep us waiting that long for another blast from the numerical underground.

“As Dee Dee Ramone so elegantly put it, ‘1-2-3-4!'” –Byron Coley, 2016

Out on the 27th January on Feeding Tube Records and available from Forced Exposure on Vinyl and CD.

We’ll be spinning “Kremlin Dogs” from the album on the show on the 15th January.

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