Back to the barn….

In 1986 Tommy Jay recorded a cassette by the name of Tommy Jay’s Tall Tales Of Trauma in a converted barn in Harrisburg, Ohio and it was subsequently issued on Mike ‘Rep’ Hummels Old age/No age imprint, needless to say it sold by the truckload and then languished in obscurity with the odd mention in obsessive collector circles. Then out of nowhere 20 years later it saw it’s first vinyl pressing, sold like hot cakes then slipped back into obscurity…..and here we are, the recording is now 30 years old and it is back, not only that but the good folks at Assophon Records have expanded it to a two record set featuring 13 unreleased tracks.

Well Ok I hear you say but who is Tommy Jay and what does he sound like…..?

“Recently, Assophontommy-jay — a US label with Jim Rockford-like determination — swooped in to unf*ck this glaring wart. Plus, time ‘n patience being the powerful warriors they are, the new, expanded edition is brimming w/a whole second platter’ve hoot; 13 unreleased tracks what’s rarely been discerned this side’ve Tony’s Coney’s. Which all goes to say that the new & improved, 30th anniversary edition of Tommy Jay’s Tall Tales Of Trauma is (to paraphrase the words of the late, great Randy Poffo), ‘The record the whole world, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus . . . Or anywhere else is waiting for.’ You don’t have to step into a Slim Jim to know that toke is a take. Flame on.”

“A singer/songwriter par excellence, Tommy Jay ably forged a hybrid of pre speedball Stephen Stills w/post Iron Cross-headed Lou Reed, the results of which come across as both effortless & visionary.” –Tom Lax, Lynx, Ohio (Brush Creek Township)

Out on November 25th on Assophon Records available through Forced Exposure Mailorder.

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