Debut Lp from Boston guitarist Rob Noyes

Rob Noyes is from Boston, that much we know but what do we know about his music; I’ll let Byron Coley fill you in….

“Rob’s playing carries the weight of many possibly imaginary forebears, but the way he smears them all together shows a holistic mastery of touch and imagination that coverart_robnoyes_thefeudalspirit_dec9defies a lot of today’s players.” –Byron Coley, 2016

‘The Feudal Spirit’, the debut album by guitarist Rob Noyes, takes in an almost infinite reservoir of solo acoustic influences — from superb Basho-like 12-string tunneling to melodic structures recalling figures both bluesoid (Michael Chapman, Wizz Jones) and non- (John Renbourn, Davey Graham).

180-gram LP  presented in hand-painted, screenprinted, hand-glued, hand-cut sleeve, with download code; limited edition of 330. Cover art by Raymond Petitibon.

Out on the 9th December on Poon Village Records available through Forced Exposure mailorder.

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