Welcome to The MrTum Radio Show website

Hello Friends.

We set this site up to archive our radio shows but also intend it to be a kind of forum for music related to the show. So consider this an invite to get in touch with anything you would like us to shout about such as new label releases or upcoming gigs. If you are a label we don’t know about or your band is jumping with excitement about your new song/album, give us a shout.

The archive for the shows is now complete and we will update it on a regular basis, just click on the links and it will take you to the archived show on Mixcloud.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for dropping by.

MrTum & Pigpen


Next live show : Sunday 20th August 1-3pm UK Time

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The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 20.8.17

The day has come again where you lucky people can again tune in to us Mel Tum Read with the MrTum Radio Show LIVE today 1-3 on Hailsham FM. This week we have for you.. #haco, Shit and Shine, Grails, Zammuto, #fischerte, #theeptones, Dion Lunadon, Last Of The Easy Riders, #carltonmelton, #johhnycohenlovemachine, The Darts – US, #enderie, White Mystery, Ariel Pink, halfsour, #abstractgreens, #elmurki, Nameless Bastards, Black Saturn, JOHN 3:16 and Pigpens Track of the Week from #Bogusorder & Coldcut.
As always big thanks to the labels who kindly give us the stuff to play.. #someonegood, Editions Mego, Temporary Residence Ltd., Ninja Tune, Ahead of Our Time, Czaszka Records, Numero Group, AGITATED RECORDS, Thrill Jockey Records, Teen-Beat, Dirty Water Records, #aguidetosaints, The Psychedelic Cherry, Mexican Summer, Jigsaw Records, #loneheadrecords, Orange Milk Records, Alrealon Musique.
So 1-3 Hailsham FM or via TuneIn.Peace

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New Tucker Theodore album out on Antiquated Future Records

Hello Chums, Antiquated Future Records have a new release to tell you about…..

Tucker Theodore “Lady Hope”

a2751227354_16Next week (August 25th) we’re releasing Lady Hope, the latest from Olympia psych-folk artist Tucker Theodore (of such groups as Buffalo Voice and Midwife).

In 2013, we put out his solo debut, To Make the Sun Hurt. Since no one had heard of him and he was a recluse who didn’t play shows, we made 50 tapes and called it a day.

Those 50 somehow sold out instantly, and it’s gone on to be our best-selling digital album. Eventually, after receiving dozens of emails and inquiries about it, we were convinced to reprint the tapes. We couldn’t be more pleased that people have found it.

Lady Hope is an epic. An hour-long journey that’s in many ways an unlikely companion piece to To Make the Sun Hurt. It premieres this Monday, the 21st (the day of the eclipse) on our favorite UK music blog, Various Small Flames. I can’t imagine a better solar eclipse soundtrack than this wild album. In the meantime, you can listen to a couple tracks tracks on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. (And also preorder a tape, because they’re going fast!)


Playing a track on the show 10th September……click on the links…..

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The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 13.8.17

It’s sunday, you know what to do.. join us Mel Tum Read from 1-3 for 2 hours of stuff and nonsense and all of these and more. Surf Bored, Holy palms, minnoe, Nextwon, #blackdamp, Lord Youth, #janjelinek, 1115, #idyllswords, #foodman, #lofiscifi, #themichaelflowerband, #malalche, #lisandromezaysucombogigante, #benni, #joemcphee, #cococoma, #falsemoniker and Pigpens Track of the Week from the legendary and missed Glenn Campbell.   Big thanks to the labels too.  Three Lobed Recordings, Munster Records, Vampisoul, Goner Records, #roaratorio, #audiovisualatmosphrecs, Cruel Nature Records, Orange Milk Records, BB.Island, @#fantiche, #moorflow, Alien Transistor, #parasiterecords. So that’s it, 1-3 today via Hailsham FM or via the TuneIn. http://www.themrtumradioshow.comspace aliens

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The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 6.8.17

The MrTum Radio Show will not be televised, The MrTum Radio Show will be LIVE. Yes people join us, Mel Tum Read today 1-3pm Hailsham FM for this weeks instalment and to hear all of these. Sun City Girls, Adam Gunther,  Space Art, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Sonics, Astolfo Sulla Luna, Gravitsapa, #prariedogflesh, #happystraps, Matt Valentine, Yoko Ono, The Casual Sexists, Kai Whiston, Space Mountain, SLOKS, Bardo Pond and Pigpens Track of the Week from Dan Dolby Sea of Åland.  Shouts of thanks to all of these for the tracks, Brian Foote, play loud! productions, Because Music, A Recordings Ltd, Forced Exposure, Subliminal Sounds, tenzenmen, Time-Lag Records, Secretly Canadian, Feral Media, Big Dada, Dust Etc., Super Fan 99, Resurrection Records, Three Lobed Recordings, Join us 1-3 pm. http://www.themrtumradioshow.comRecycle

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The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 30.7.17

Well, we all mighty tired in the Tum household today, due to a heavy night of drinking, so I’m not going to waffle to much this morning, instead just tell you what you’re going to hear on The MrTum Radio Show, LIVE on Hailsham FM today 1-3pm. Come and join us, Mel Tum Read. on today is NISENNENMONDAI, #yourpestband, Daniel Ruane, Impulse Array, #joshuaabrams, Golden Diskó Ship, #adamczarnecki, Soup Moat, Michele Mercure, #iwdbys, Yo La Tengo, #thenerves,  #thechallengers, Devo, #brovealentino, #silverhead, #thelegendarystardustcowboy and Pigpens Track of the Week form Phoebe Bridgers. Big thanks to all of these too.. #concretetapes, Dead Oceans, #eremite, #karlrecords, Cowshed Records, Triple Eye Industries, @#freedomtospend, 琪琪音像|Qiii Snacks Records, #vinilissimo Munster Records, Alrealon Musique, #smalltownsupersound, Proximal Records.
that’s it, you know what to do. Nihilism

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Slok ‘n’ Roll!!!

Sloks-self-titled-7-inch-ep-vinyl-resurrection-recordsCheck out Sloks, they’re a 3pc blues/punk/trash band from Turin, Italy and they have this superb 4 track 7″ vinyl disc out as a co-release between Resurrection RecordsSOB Records & Double Face Records. 

Don’t be an embarassing square and hideous social outcast, get hip to it and score yourself a copy immediately!

And because we are so unbearably cool, we will be playing “Tank of gasoline” from this release on the show on the 6th August.

Meanwhile, check out this clip…

Available from Resurrection Records, follow the link by clicking the logo below.thums

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The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 23.7.17

Today LIVE on The MrTum Radio Show,  Mel Tum Read will be blasting your ears with all of these.. THE HECK, Msafiri Zawose, @King Crimson, #markbarreca #peteswanson, #therelatives, Sun Ra, A Minor Forest, Rob Noyes, Los Lichis, #syrinx, Camera, TALsounds, Oto Hiax, TEENAGE HEAD, with Pigpens Track of the Week from Lightning Bolt. Big thanks to all of these too.. Dirty Water Records, Soundway Records, Rvng Intl., #freedomtospend, Dust-to-Digital, Forced Exposure, #poonvillage, FEEDING TUBE RECORDS, A Tree In A Field Records, Bureau B, Ba Da Bing! Records, Peace & Rhythm, Editions Mego, Teen-Beat, and Sonic Unyon Records. That’s it, come and join us 1-3 today Hailsham FMKez

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The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 16.7.17

So, The MrTum Radio Show rumbles on and we Mel Tum Read are back with you today 1-3pm Hailsham FM and here’s what we are delivering for you.

Me 2Harvey Rushmore & the Octopus, Suicide Generation, Mirrored Lips, Eugene McDaniels, Jackie-O Motherfucker, Anjou, The Freeze, The White Tulips, with Pigpens Featured Track of the Week from #Aforestmightyblack. Big thanks to the labels Brian Foote #kranky, Soundway Records, Numero Group, TAANG! RECORDS, Ba Da Bing! Records, 琪琪音像|Qiii Snacks Records, Trojan Records, ATP Recordings, Tomlab, Dischord Records, A Tree In A Field Records, Dirty Water Records and Cruel Nature Records. So that’s its, come and join us.

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The MrTum Radio Show LIVE 9.7.17

Ok, so todays gonna be hot and sweaty so there’s not point you trying to do anything at all except join us Mel Tum Read for this weeks MrTum Radio Show, live from 1-3pm on Hailsham FM. This week we have for you.. Struggle Session, Os Mutantes, #unclewiggly Fly Ashtray, Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders, XOA, The Heliocentrics, Die ChiwawaDie, A Minor Forest, Sun Ra, ARRM, Fezz, Saccades, PILOCKA KRACH, Jaga Jazzist, J. G. Thirlwell, Elza Soares, with Pigpens Track of the Week from Earth Vs Bug The Bug Earth. Shout out to the labels Munster Records, Teen-Beat, Ninja Tune, Numero Group, Instant Classic, Beluga, Soundway Records, Genjing Records, 琪琪音像|Qiii Snacks Records, Fuzz Club, Monika Enterprise, Editions Mego, Mais Um Discos. That’s it, please txt in on 07494 650350 and let us know you’re listening, and its all worth us sitting in the small sweat box at HFM Towers!toms

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Fuzz Club presents the debut album from NONN

Yeah ok, we are a little bit late on this as it was released on May 26th but check it out….

NONNSweden already boasts some of the most exciting names in modern psychedelia, and now, rising out of a desolate winter to join the ranks is NONN (the monikor of Christian Eldefors from The Orange Revival) with his brooding post-punk/coldwave. London label Fuzz Club Records released the debut self-titled LP May 26th.


His bleak, icy surroundings in northern Sweden inevitably became a huge influence on this project. Blurring the line between sharp, glacial post-punk and the industrial electronic aesthetic of the 80s. Although contemporary in feel, it’s hard to listen to imagesthese tracks and not picture them sound-tracking moments of sheer euphoria in some sticky-floored warehouse in 80s Berlin. It’s got it all; the minimal droning synths, kosmische drum-machine percussion, jangling post-punk guitars and echoing, forlorn vocals. There’s something here for lovers of psych-rock, post-punk and electronica alike.

Featured on the show of the 2nd July check it out here.

        Available now from         Fuzz_Club_Logo_66467368-0015-4ebb-951c-826c8a35a116_100x

See NONN on tour in the UK this September


See you at the Hope and Ruin!

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